Sorry guys, but, no chapter release for now. I’ve been suddenly flooded with a lot of assignments and exams are also on. Hence, the next set of chapters would come out in exactly a week. As a compensation for your wait, I’ll do some additional chapters then!



  1. Hi, sorry for the sudden aproach, but I have a chinese friend that is looking for a part-time job.
    She is profficient in english and chinese and looking for a novel to translate.
    Would it be possible for her to help here?

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    1. Dude you don’t need permission. Just create a blog for her and let her translate. You can earn money with ads and paypal donation.


  2. That chance i got..i started reading this the 5/03..and caught the 9..
    I must say though it is probably my favorite novel. Exactly what i was looking for (my other favorite is sotr it isn’t far off this one :p).


  3. Wtf .. So unreliable … Jeez .. Expected daily release . now it has turned to monthly . dude why act alone . you will get support from reader’s add a few more people for translation . instead of using the novel as a captive one for yourself . as an individual you are gonna have engagements every now and then .
    So diversify, add more ppl its not like they are gonna steal your donation . you are not original author like oda San to take hiatus every now and then .
    Most unreliable release . just like swallowed star


  4. its okay man take your time! don’t burn yourself up. do things at the pace you find comfortable! best of luck with everything


  5. @nightshadow : its not like he is doing us a charity . he is getting paid right . so it falls in our right to complain too . if not him somebody would have picked it up . I’m happy that he did pick it up . and I hope he keeps a fixed schedule .
    Jus voicing my opinion


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