OEM – Book 1, Chapter 94

Hello, this is a regular chapter not counting against the queue.

First, please thank Salaver for pointing out to me that the Ranwen raws had things that some Biquge raws did not have. This was wholly apparent in this chapter.

Next, exams are finally over and assignments are done! Got time to translate again, but, this was a long chapter which is almost twice as long as a normal chapter. Because of that, I was able to translate only half the chapter (2k-2.2k is a normal chapter. This is ~3.7k). The rest of the chapter would follow in addition to more chapters as a ‘make up’ which won’t count against the queue.

Its been over a week with me sleeping for merely 4 hours a day. Time to catch up on that beauty sleep! Good night! I’ll update this post tomorrow once I post the full chapter.

Book 1, Chapter 94 (Adf.ly)
Book 1, Chapter 94
TL: Gaochao

Edit: The second part of the chapter has been posted! Enjoy!


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