OEM – Book 1, Chapter 95

Regular release.

This chapter again is a bit longer than usual. Hence the shift from a Saturday release to a Sunday release. Small note to all reading this. I’ve no problems with other translators working alongside with me on this project. I’m putting this up here to serve as an official statement for all interested. Long story short, lot of people had approached me to help out in various fashions, but, FatPanda was the only one who replied back and stayed in touch. Hence showing commitment, which I believe is important. I in fact, also followed up with Peka for two weeks and told him/her that all he/she needed was an excellent editor. Unfortunately due to personal or professional reasons of various people, none have been able to join the translation of this novel. So, bottom line, if you are interested in helping out, send me a mail! Let’s get talking! Cheers!


Book 1, Chapter 95 (Adf.ly)
Book 1, Chapter 95
TL: Gaochao


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