Hello guys, it is with much sadness that I’m writing this. I really hoped on doing this project till its completion but I find that I lack the requisite time needed to dedicate to this project. Since it would be unfair to you readers if I’m unable to deliver proper releases on time, I’ve decided to drop this project for now instead of keeping you guys hanging. Anyone, if you feel you can do this project, you guys are free to pick it up. Though my translation period has been extremely short lived, I did enjoy the time I spent at it. Thank you for all who had supported me.



  1. Ugh….!! Now this will be really hard… I don’t think the project will get picked up for quite awhile.

    Anyway, Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done so far. And I hope you good luck~ ^^.

    Hopefully someone will post it if there’s someone that picked it up. Hopefully! 🙂


    1. I hope it isn’t the case. But, i think at the moment every good translators are..occupied with other projects.


  2. Thank you for your hard work and dedication on this project. sadly, translation is quite time consuming, way more that one could imagine.


  3. if it was cause of my message the mention the release…
    im sorry about it…
    but if it is april fools… then you got my heartache.

    but if it is related to RL… then thank you for the hardwork…

    just a bit sad that after the nice moment on prev ch… suddenly it is dropped….

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  4. Refund those 4.5 bucks… also the previous 60$ as well considering you owned us 6 ch when you recieve that donation.

    And guys dont judge me.

    he has to be fair with his word (3ch a week) and his donators (they donate for more ch not to keep him here… at least that is what i understand with the donation system he set up for his site)

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  5. I sure hope that this is an April fool’s joke… TT__TT
    Seriously, I just started reading the first 6 chaps just now… literary just now…
    But if it’s real… *sigh* Thanks for your hard work!


  6. Hey Gaochan, have anyone else contacted you about OEM? If no one else have offered to continue the translation effort, I’m interested in picking up this series.

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  7. If anyone is looking to continue reading this, bruin translations is temporarily continuing the translations. So go to bruintranslations.com to continue reading.


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