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This leads you to the PayPal pay page. PayPal has a ‘processing fee’ and hence all the amount you donate would not be received by me. If you want to skip the processing fee, send me the donations through PayPal directly to

Current Queue: 1

Donation Bar: 4.5/60 ($)

Bonus Chapter Queue: 0

Gaochao Translations is currently doing 3 regular chapters each week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). For every $60 in donations, I will release a “sponsored” chapter. Bonus chapters are the chapters that I will decide to put on queue on a whim or a special occasion. There will be about 3-4 sponsored chapters each week at max.

Next, the perks! No matter how little or how much you donate, only the thought matters so each donor gets a spot at the top of the chapter their donation has contributed to and in the chapter post, unless you want to be anonymous! In addition, there is a ‘Roll of Honor’ for donors, the ‘Man Roll of Honor’. Here, the names of all the donors to ever donate will be etched for life with the order being based on the amount donated (dynamic). Also, probably the best perk of all, I, Gaochao, will be eternally grateful to you!

“Your support is my greatest motivation!”

P.S: Do send me a mail at with your information on preferred name and country after you donate along with the receipt.


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